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OptimalShip Rates

OptimalShip Rates is a free app (extension) managed by OptimalShip, that allows you to use your OptimalShip rates for international shipments in your ecommerce store. Your use of the OptimalShip Rates app is bound by the same Terms of Service and Privacy Policies as OptimalShip and your OptimalShip account, with the following additions/ exceptions:

Terms of Service

Your ecommerce store is permitted to interact and send automated requests to the OptimalShip API system, for the sole purpose of retrieving custom shipping quotes for your store. Your account (export and import numbers) may be blocked from contacting the OptimalShip API if we detect an abuse of this system. Abuses include but may not be limited to: An unauthorized business entity requesting rates with your account number(s), an unusually high volume of requests, or using another businesses account number(s) to request rates for your business.

You agree to assume all responsibility for incorrectly charged shipments billed to your account caused by a misconfiguration of your store and/or products.

Privacy Policy

OptimalShip only requests the minimum amount of permissions we believe is needed to offer the services provided by the OptimalShip Rates app. Only the original OAuth token and associated information such as your username, email address, and store information is stored securely on OptimalShip Servers and/or databases. We do not collect or store any other information from the OptimalShip Rates app.

When a quote request is made to the OptimalShip API we receive all of the cart details including your customers contact details and shipping address. This information is used solely for the purpose of generating a live quote and is discarded immediately after sending that quote back to your store. In the event of a server error some information may be recorded to log files to assist with troubleshooting the fault. This information is kept secure and confidential, and is automatically deleted on a schedule.

If applicable, you are responsible for notifying your customers of these policies.