Professional & Do-It-Yourself Packing

We Can and Will Get It Where It Needs to Go

Your great-great grandmother’s beloved rocking chair is going to the next relative in the line. You want to ship your son your famous meat pie and cake for his birthday, but it needs to stay frozen. You want to send an iPad to your pappy for Christmas in the UK.

How do you do these things – and how can you help guarantee they won’t get lost or the box won’t fall apart into little pieces the second it’s thrown onto a ship, plane, or delivery truck?

We’d love to tell you here at the Optimal Ship Center that it’s easy. Then we could just write a blog about it, and you’d be all done and set to go. Unfortunately, every situation is a little different. The USPS won’t ship things that FedEx will; an inch or two can make a difference; some boxes with some services have to have special labels; honestly, shipping is a pain.

If you’re shipping anything other than a card or small package here in Allen, TX, the Optimal Shipping Center can help ensure your cargo’s safety. We will pack it and ship it for you, and we’ll make sure it gets there the first time – and in one piece. Or two pieces, whichever you prefer.

We will go above and beyond to make sure we get you exactly what you need and when you need it.

But I Want to Pack It Myself!



You can do that too. We have a bonified pack-it-yourself station that has free shipping supplies for your needs. Stickers, tape, pens and pencils – all right there at your disposal. Best of all, we aren’t going to nickle and dime you for it. Just come on in and use as much as you need.

But I Already Packed It!


That’s okay too! Just come on by and drop it off with one of our friendly associates. We’ll get you a receipt and send your package on its way.

Questions? Contact us.