Office Services

Gone, gone, gone are the days when you have to have a separate printer, fax machine, copier, and scanner. Don’t forget the little machine that shreds over a waste bin that is almost impossible to use for anything else.

Shoot, gone are the days when you need any of them.

These machines are bulky. Even small printers take up the top of a filing cabinet, and when your office is just a filing cabinet and a computer (or, in fact, your office is your dining room table), a printer seems like a really big space investment. Not to mention the price of ink. Don’t even get us started on that.

A fax machine is a relic of the past, even though many companies that love to annoy their customers insist on using them. Copies need to be made. Documents need to be sent via email.Despite all of these things, the truth of the matter is that you just don’t have to do them very often. So how do you maintain the ability to send a fax once every decade, but not have a fax machine hoarded in your closet?

You can count on us to solve your problem. With office services like faxing, shredding, copying, scanning, and printing here in Allen, Texas, we’ve got you covered. Go ahead. Chuck out that printer, and enjoy:

  • Affordable Services: We make sure our services are reasonably priced for just about any sized job.
  • We’ll Do It For You: Nothing is more annoying than pushing a button you think will fax your letter, and making a copy of it instead. Don’t worry – we’ll get it done for you. And we’ll give you a confirmation notice, too.
  • We’ll Receive it, Too: You can count on us to not only send faxes, but to get them for you as well. We can also print things off of email and hold them for you at special request.

Fax Number


Feel free to give the number out to whomever, and let them know to put your name and phone number on the cover page. We’ll make sure you get it as soon as we do.

Pricing for Office Services

Current pricing for office services as of 9/17
Copies (Color)
Per one copy.45
Copies (Black and White)Per one copy.10
ScanningPer page.75
FaxingPer page1.00
ShreddingPer pound1.00