Around the World Shipping

So you want to ship a model airplane Engine to Los Angeles?
No Problem. Simple and straight forward.
So you want to ship that same model airplane to Ethiopia?

That’s a little more complicated.

Who makes it their business to know the rules about waybills, declared values, Customs forms, and which countries take what and why? You are a busy person, and life doesn’t always give room to figure out the specifics of each and every package you ship. International shipping on your own can be tough.

So we do it for you.

We will get your package to its destination when you ship from the Optimal Ship Center in Allen, TX. We’ll make sure what you’re trying to ship is allowed in the country so you don’t waste hundreds of dollars on a package that is just sent back. We’ll make sure the package meets proper guidelines. We’ll do your paperwork – all we’ll need is your signature.

When you choose the Optimal Ship Center, you’re choosing:

  • A Plethora of Options: Have you had a bad experience with USPS, or perhaps another ship center? No problem – we can offer other ways to get a package to your destination and ensure the service you purchase is exactly what you need.
  • Proper Shipping: The paperwork will be done properly to help ensure your package makes it through Customs quickly while you track it from your computer at home.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Just because your package has left our store doesn’t mean we’re done with you. If you have a problem with your shipment, we will help you tackle it.
  • LOWEST DHL Prices, Guaranteed: Since we’re an authorized reseller for DHL, we offer the lowest DHL prices. Guaranteed.

We guarantee optimal prices, optimal service, and optimal shipping when you choose Optimal Ship Center.