Domestic Shipping

Shipping doesn’t have to be scary. When you send something valuable – whether monetarily or sentimentally – you want to make sure it gets where its supposed to be, and on time. So you check the tracking code. You bite your nails. You make sure your package is making progress through the US. Did you package it correctly? Why is it stuck in Arizona? Is it broken? Did you pad it enough?


We’ve got this.

When you choose Optimal ShipCenter in Allen, TX, you’re choosing the experts. You’re choosing a team of qualified shippers who know how to get an item from point A to point B in one piece. We’ll even pack it for you so that you know you’ll have a shipment there in one beautiful, pillowed piece.

  • We offer options: You’re not stuck with just one service, like you are when you go to USPS and can only ship through the mail. We can recommend numerous services based on your needs.
  • We’ll track it too: If you need an extra pair of eyes on your tracking code, just let us know. We know where the hubs are and where packages usually stop; we can make sure it’s moving appropriately.
  • We’ll pack it: If you really just don’t know how to get something into a box – or if you should even be using a box – we’ll make sure we have options for you right here, in store. We’ll unpack and repack if you need it, too.

Choosing the Optimal ShipCenter in Allen means you’re choosing optimal quality. We’re here when you’re ready.