About Us

We’re the Optimal Ship Center! Started in 2012 as part of Optimal Ship, we focus more on shipping packages and special gifts for loved ones for the residents of Allen, Texas and surrounding areas. We’re all about serving our clients, and we find each and every one what they need by asking the right questions. We want to make sure your package gets where it’s supposed to go, and we want to make sure it gets there the first time.

Our team is small, so we know the power in small businesses. Because of this, we support other local businesses by offering products made by local artists. Not only are these a great, unique present for friends and family, they are great additions to the store and add a beautiful twist on your standard shipping store.

Come by and see how we can serve you today – or just give us a call. We can give you a quote over the phone, pack your items with our ProPack services,