-Express International Shipping (Export or Import)

DHL is the world’s largest provider of international express shipping. Your shipments arrive in one to three business days to most international locations.

-Custom Broker Services


Before a package is loaded on an aircraft, DHL is already at work to clear your shipment with customs. Your package is ready for immediate delivery upon arrival to the country of destination.

DHL Express has been a global expert in international trade for well over 40 years and now processes several million customs entries every day. As one of the world's largest customs brokers, they use local expertise to understand diverse customs regulations. DHL will help you navigate the complexities of customs compliance and all of the related terminology and guidelines. 


-Prepare Your Waybills and Shipping Documents

If you are new to Optimal Logistics, one of our Reps will help you prepare your first shipment at no charge and show you how to prepare your shipping documents online. Going forward, an Optimal Logistics Rep can prepare your DHL waybills and commercial invoices for international shipment preparation with a $7 charge per export or $10 charge per import.

-Customer Service

Our Customer Service Representatives answer the phone when you call and are ready to assist you with quotes, shipping and billing questions, or anything else you might need.

Our Customer Service Representatives at Optimal Logistics assist to make international shipping easy!


DHL Runway